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This Contract is concluded between the owner of “” online stores (hereinafter referred to as Ahmad Tea Shop) DRY DRY Baltic SIA, registration No. 40103676381, registered on April 30, 2013, legal address: Elizabetes Street 45/47, Riga, LV - 1010 (hereinafter referred to as the Seller), and the Buyer, who makes an order and makes a purchase in Ahmad Tea Shop online store. Distance Contract shall apply to all orders and purchases made in Ahmad Tea Shop online store.

1. The Buyer shall order, buy and pay, but the Seller shall deliver and sell goods available in Ahmad Tea Shop catalogue (hereinafter referred to as the Goods) in accordance with the provisions of the present Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract).

2. The Buyer shall order Goods by filling out the appropriate order form in the Seller's Ahmad Tea Shop website. When ordering, the Buyer shall provide exact information, ie, personal data, contact details by clicking the field “Confirm order”. The Buyer shall inform the Seller to the e-mail of any changes, not later than within 24 hours from the receipt of the order confirmation. The Buyer shall be responsible for the proper data provisions, otherwise, the delivery of Goods shall not be guaranteed. Order of Goods shall deem to be the Buyer’s proposal to the Seller to conclude the present Distance Contract on the delivery of the ordered Goods and the Buyer’s consent to purchase the ordered Goods at the indicated price. Personal data relating to the delivery of Goods shall not be transferred to the third party, other than Latvijas Pasts VAS (hereinafter referred to as postal service) and VENIPAK Latvija SIA (hereinafter referred to as courier service), in order to ensure the delivery of the order.

3. The Buyer shall deliver Goods to the address specified by the Buyer in accordance with the terms of postal/courier service and rates published on Ahmad Tea Shop homepage in the section “Delivery”. The Buyer shall make simultaneous payment for Goods and delivery before the delivery of Goods by the Seller. Cost of delivery is included in the invoice.

4. The Buyer can make orders 24 hours a day, but the Seller completes the order: on weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00, on Saturdays, Sundays - completing is not being performed. The Buyer shall send the Seller the automatic confirmation of acceptance upon the receipt of the order, as well as by e-mail. Completing of the order shall be initiated upon successful payment by credit card on Ahmad Tea Shop homepage or upon crediting of money to the Seller's account.

5. The Buyer can use the right of refusal stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Latvia and return the Goods within 14 (fourteen) calendar days. In order to avoid disputable situations, at the moment of receipt of Goods the Buyer should verify whether the Goods meet the order (color, product name and other relevant parameters).

6. If the Goods have been completed incorrectly, the Buyer shall have the right to replace the Goods within 14 (fourteen) days by completing the return form. Cost of postal/courier services in the abovementioned case shall be covered by the Seller.

7. If the Buyer wants to use his right of refusal, the following recommendations and requirements should be taken into account:

7.1. Returned Goods should not be used (taking into account the specifics of Goods). If the state of returned Goods has been deteriorated due to wrong storage, the Buyer shall not be entitled to use the right of refusal.

7.2. The Buyer shall be obliged to maintain and not to damage the original package of Goods.

7.3. If the Buyer wants to use his right of refusal, he should contact the Seller by e-mail The Buyer shall receive the form of refusal from the Seller, which should be filled out and sent the Seller to the abovementioned e-mail.

7.4. The Buyer shall keep both the postal/courier service documents on receipt of the Goods and both postal/ courier service documents on the return of Goods to the Seller.

7.5. More detailed information on what is the distance contract and the right of refusal can be obtained from the following website:

7.6. Money for the returned Goods and the cost of delivery shall be transferred by the Seller to the bank account specified by the Buyer in the form of refusal within 30 (thirty) calendar days upon the termination of the Contract and the return of Goods specified in the form of refusal in the Seller's stock (Elizabeth Street 45/47, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010), on the basis of the Buyer’s refusal.

8. The average time of delivery time is indicated in Ahmad Tea Shop homepage, section “Delivery”, but the Seller shall reserve the right to extend delivery for a longer time because the time of delivery can vary depending on the specific terms of the Seller and the availability of Goods in stock.

9. All prices are indicated in EUR with 21% VAT (Value Added Tax). At the time of delivery of Goods the Buyer shall sign a receipt confirming the receipt of Goods.

10. The Buyer shall make payment for Goods in Ahmad Tea Shop online store by credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro) or by bank transfer to DRY DRY Baltic SIA account number specified in the invoice. All costs of delivery shall be covered by the Buyer.

11. The Seller does not see and does not keep the Buyer’s account data, so they are safe.

12. This Contract has been drawn in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The Buyer confirms that he read and understands the terms of this Contract and shall observe and fulfil them.

13. The Buyer is informed that the Seller shall have the right at any time unilaterally to change the terms of the present Contract.

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