20 Alu. Black tea. Clove

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20 Alu. Black tea. Clove

20 Alu. Black tea. Clove. 1 item  € 3.13
20 Alu. Black tea. Clove. 1 box (6 item) € 17.84
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Treat your senses to a uniquely spiced treat with our Clove Tea. Blending high quality black tea with pieces of clove bud, this distinctive tea has a warming, festive aroma and a deliciously satisfying flavour. Like a more refined chai, our Clove Tea is as soothing as it is energising, making it perfect any time of day – whether you want to sit back and relax, or get up and go.

To make Clove Tea, our Tea Masters create a special base blend of East African leaves. balancing robust, rounded teas with brighter, more brisk ones. We then add in real clove pieces, which bring a fragrant depth and complexity to the blend. Originally from Indonesia, cloves have been prized for centuries for their bold resinous flavour and unique preserving properties. They feature in Asian, African, Mediterranean and Middle East cuisines, typically blended with other spices, but also as a distinct flavouring. They take centre stage in this tea.

Each teabag of our Clove Tea is individually foil-wrapped to seal in its freshness and spice aromas, ensuring every cup is full of flavour. The complexity of clove tea lends itself to be being enjoyed in two ways. Either brew it light and enjoy the unique interplay of the tea and fragrant spice, or steep it for longer and serve with a splash of milk and even some sugar. Served like a chai, this tea lets you really explore the intriguing layered flavours and aromas of clove.

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