30g. Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea

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30g. Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a highly-prized delicacy regarded as the pinnacle of Japanese green tea craft. Our Matcha is an excellent example, of this much-revered, sweet and grassy green tea.

Matcha is made from premium-quality tea leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. The name refers to both the powder and the drink made from it. Whisked into hot water, Matcha powder creates a uniquely textured and full-flavoured tea, rich in caffeine and nutrients. It can also be turned into wonderful lattes, smoothies, cakes and even ice creams. What makes Matcha tea truly special tea is that you drink the whole tea leaf, not just an infusion, so enjoy all the goodness and flavour of the tea plant.

The process of making Matcha tea powder is complicated and requires great skill. The carefully tended tea bushes are shaded from the sun in the weeks before harvest. This increases the chlorophyll levels in the leaves, and boosts their sweet vegetable-like flavours and soothing theanine levels. Immediately after harvest, the leaves are gently steamed to stop any oxidation. After drying, the leaves then go through another labour-intensive step, where the stems and veins are carefully removed. Now known as Tencha, the leaves are finally ground, traditionally in a granite stone mill, to a fine, silky powder with a rich emerald-green colour.

Our Matcha makes a truly versatile tea. Simply whisk a small amount of powder with hot water (we recommend water no hotter than 80°C to retain all the sweetness and nutritional purity of the tea). Matcha is best made in a small bowl with a bamboo Matcha whisk (chasen), but you can use a normal hand whisk or a milk-frother too. Put a spoonful of Matcha powder into your bowl, add around 80ml water (about an espresso cup) at 80°C or less (if you don't have a thermometer, let the boiled kettle sit for six minutes). Keep whisking the Matcha until smooth and frothy, giving you a full-flavoured tea with a lovely texture, vibrant colour and rich flavours of sweet green vegetables and fresh grass. You’ll enjoy a caffeine-rich tea that’s stimulating, soothing and full of goodness.

For a richer alternative, why not try a Matcha latte, smoothie or even milkshake? Make up your smooth Matcha paste with a splash of hot water, then whisk in some steamed hot milk until creamy, or blend it with cold milk (coconut milk works well) to create a summery green tea speciality.


Green tea

Put 2g of Matcha in a cup. Add 200ml of water heated to 80-90°C and stir rapidly for 1-2 minutes, ideally with a whisk.

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