100g. Tins. Green tea

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100g. Tins. Green tea

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Our loose leaf green tea is a fine example of a smooth and delicate Chinese green tea. Blended from high quality leaf-and-tip tea – delicately harvested and gently processed – it brews into a subtly coloured infusion with warm grassy aromas and a soothing, sweetly toasted character.

Our Tea Masters select Chun Mee leaf tea to create this blend. Chun Mee translates as ‘precious eyebrow’, as seen in the curled appearance of the gently rolled dried leaves. We source our Chun Mee from the Yellow Mountains of Eastern China, an area famed for its small tea bushes and minimal leaf processing. This comes through in the tea’s soft, nutty flavour and sweet notes of toasted grass. At Ahmad Tea we believe in letting quality tea speak for itself, and this exquisite blend has plenty to say. It’s a premium, 100% natural leaf tea, with nothing added or taken away. Naturally high in antioxidants and other nutrients, this tea makes a wonderful cuppa on many levels.

The tea infuses into a bright, golden-green liquor, with a distinctive aroma of sun-dried summer grass. It’s a deliciously mellow brew, perfect for instilling a little calm and balance. Drink it throughout the day without milk, whenever you feel the need for a cleansing, revitalising pick-me-up. You can even serve it iced for a light, refreshing serve on sunnier days. Simply steep the leaves (with a little sugar to taste) then dilute with chilled water. Add ice and a slice of lemon to enhance the fresh flavours.

The loose leaf tea comes foil-sealed inside the caddy to ensure freshness.

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