32 Alu. Tea Selection. Timeless Collection 4.

€ 12.00  
Сокращённый код: 1875
Полный код: 0 54881 01875 3
Упаковка: 32 x 2g.
32 Alu. Tea Selection. Timeless Collection 4.

32 Alu. Tea Selection. Timeless Collection 4.. 1 шт.  € 12.00
32 Alu. Tea Selection. Timeless Collection 4.. 1 коробка (12 шт.) € 136.80
€ 144.00
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The Ceylon Tea Box - 32 foil x2g.

In a gorgeous box, with an exterior that shows the famous Big Ben Tower of London, contains the Timeless Collection by Ahmad Tea. The Timeless Collection is a hand-picked selection of the best of Ceylon tea. This Ceylon tea box has four extravagant flavours, with eight tea bags each.

The Ceylon tea box includes:

  • English Breakfast Tea - 8x.
  • Pure Green Tea - 8x.
  • Earl Grey Tea - 8x.
  • Peach and Passion Fruit Tea - 8x.

The traditional English Breakfast Tea has a bold flavour that aims to satisfy the tea drinker with every sip. Whether you enjoy it as it is or with a dash of fresh warm milk, with one cup of this blend in the morning, you will be ready to take on the rest of the day.

The Ceylon tea box will not be completed without the addition of the smooth flavours of the Pure Green Tea. Suitable for those who crave earthy flavours, the Green Tea is a great option. The flavours, the aroma, and the health benefits of tea remain intact, because of the shorter processing periods.

Earl Grey Tea is a strong contender to The English Breakfast Tea, which distinguishes itself with a touch of bergamot. The citrusy flavours amplify the goodness of the black tea.

Finally, the Peach and Passion Fruit Tea provides fruity flavours to the Ceylon tea box. With chunks of peach and passion fruit in every sip, this blend is an elite creation for those who prefer sweeter tea infusions.

The Timeless Collection, as the name suggests, carries flavours that will withstand the test of time. The artistic box is a keepsake, which can be reused. Whether you purchase the Ceylon tea box for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, we hope it helps you create the sweetest memories of times spent together.

Essential characteristic of good Tea with natural flavours.

  • Black tea
  • Black tea, bergamot flavouring
  • Green tea
  • Black Tea, 1% peach, 1% passion fruit

Brew for 3-5 minutes

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